Customised Templates in Gmail For Automatic Responses

Get ready for a big expensive change from Google which was supposed to be “FREE FOREVER”. The beta program lasted for 15 years and Google now want you to pay for it. If you do nothing by July 1, 2022, your Free G-Suite Legacy Beta subscription will be suspended. To overcome the complaints Google say G-Suite is now moving over to Workspaces when workspaces is actually G-Suite !!!!

When Google launched their Free G-Suite Legacy Beta program, they allowed domain names such as to be associated with their service. This allowed us to create user accounts such as and this username is provided with the full range of Google services. Google also stated that this program would be “FREE FOREVER”. The beta program has lasted for 15 years and Google now want you to pay for it !!!

Google say that the old service will cease on July 1, 2022 and everyone WILL be migrated to workspaces and needs to pay (currently £4.60) per month per user. So if a domain name had just 10 accounts created Google want £552 per year. This is for services that many don’t need as most just want email and drive which you get with a standard FREE gmail account. We have 17 accounts so will go from paying £0 to paying £938.40 per year !!!!!

This has created a lot of negative feelings and a lot of challenges for the domain owners.

What can you do?

You can create a free gmail account (if you have not already got one). This acount will become your primary account so choose a good name.